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Pet Peeves of Fandom

character-rape is on the loose

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Got a pet peeve for a certain fandom? Does it have to do with

- canon rape
- bad characterization
- fan cliches

If so, then welcome to fandomcliche. It's like fanficrants but specifically for the characters. We love the characters. We are tired of seeing our beloved characters portrayed like crap. They are not like that in the series, but fans tend to create a cut-out of how a certain character is, why they do the things they do, what their quirks are. And sometimes, alas, they are wrong. Not to intrude on any literary rights, sometimes a fan-created image of a character is used throughout the entire fandom. This isn't really the character in the series, but one person's portrayal of him/her that became the norm.

And that's one of the better scenarios. Worst of the worst, some author gets it in their head that they can do whatever they want with the canon, including warping the characters we know and love. They deserve some spotlight, so they now have their own special aslyum here at livejournal.

Feel free to share your pet peeves and rant to your heart's content. We sympathize. Truly. If you have any recs for good characterization fics, you are more than welcome to post a link.

This community is maintained by sapphynashi and illianaka
We are contactable at sapphira_angel@comcast.net and mirai_dchan@yahoo.com

If you disagree with anyone's opinion, that is fine. You can have a civilized debate, emphasis on civilized.

If you are offended by us, we are probably offended by you.

No flames will be risen to. Actually, we will point and laugh, maybe share it with fic_flames Thanks in advance for the amusement.