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Do they show a different version of this show where you live?

Ugh. There are times when I'm ashamed to call myself an ER fan, and this is one of them. I can't stand it when people blatently disregard the canon of the show, especially when they try to rehash a plot that's already been done in the series. I was browsing through that section tonight in search of any goodfic that I don't have on my Author Alert when I ran into this thing:

Sleepless at County General by Coffeehouseintern reviews
Just what happens 6 years later when Paul Sobriki shows up... for a second round. AbbyCarterSamSusan Fic. Chapter 5 is up!
PG-13 - English - Suspense/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 4200 - Reviews: 14 - Updated: 10-16-04 - Published: 10-14-04

Any ER fan worth his or her salt knows about Paul Sobriki attacking Lucy and Carter on Valentine's Day, stabbing them and running out of the hospital while in the midst of a schizophrenic episode. We know that Lucy died after throwing an embolism, and that Carter developed an addiction to the pain medication he was on and had to go to a clinic in Atlanta to get clean.

What continually astounds me is that whenever the "Paul Sobriki comes back to County General" plot comes up in ER fic, the authors continually fail to grasp the concept that schizophrenia is a disease! Paul was not in his right mind at all when he did what he did; when he was brought back to the hospital after being struck by a car he was completely naked, and rambling about the ER workers having a blue cake for their Valentine's party and how the doctors were going to take his internal organs; he admits to stabbing Lucy and Carter because he believed that's what they were going to do. As Paul's caseworker in a later episode said, schizophrenics normally aren't violent, and if they are they aren't violent twice especially if they are on their medication. Which brings me to my next point:

ER already did this plot!

Season 8, Abby has to treat a patient with a minor head laceration who is getting agitated. Surprise surprise, it's Paul Sobriki. Abby immediately has him put in restraints and refuses to have them removed when both Susan and Paul's caseworker tell her to. She also had Paul moved to the suture room and his name erased from the board so Carter wouldn't find out that he was there, although Carter eventually found out and the two men ran into each other. And what did Paul do when he saw Carter for the first time since the stabbing and recognized him?


He didn't blame Carter for everything that had happened to him. He didn't pull out a butcher knife and start ventilating Carter's body. He f-ing apologized! Sure, Carter was skeptical and reacted to the encounter by vomiting in the sink but the fact remains that Paul was lucid and remorseful about his actions. All Paul wanted to do was to get his injury treated so that he could go home with his family; revenge was the furthest thought from his mind, if it was even in his mind to begin with.

*sighs* I just... Was there a memo sent out where all of a sudden "mental illness" = "evil" or "hell bent on revenge", and it somehow missed me?

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