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First post! *waves*

New here. My main fandoms are Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and I dabble in Harry Potter. A friend recently had me watch League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (a good film, despite the fact that it could benefit from being about an hour longer for plot/character development) and I was hooked on it. (I'm getting the graphic novel next week too)

My big complaint about the League of Extraordinary Gentlmen (movie) fandom is one Dorian Gray and how everyone either thinks his the evilest thing since Lucifer himself, or the hottest thing since, well, hell.

Dorian, in case you didn't know is from Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray and is the classic British fop. In the movie he's an immortal, thanks to his portrait, which ages each year, instead of him.The only catch is, he must never, ever look at the picture, lest it's magic wear away.

Let's look at evil!Dorian. This one tends to kill, maim and otherwise destroy for fun. He's more disturbing then your average serial killer and betrayed the League for a laugh.

Now I can understand why some people use evil!Dorian, he appears this way on the surface. He makes cutting remarks about people, is incredibly self-confident, and self-absorbed and seemingly has no regrets about backstabbing his friends.

However, it doesn't work. Dorian really isn't all evil. We see that his portrait was taken from him, in order to blackmail him into helping. He's very world-weary, which explains why he cares little for others. Why befriend someone who you will eventually have to watch age and die while you remain young? (This also explains his loyalty to Mina who seems to have much the same abilities as himself)

Also if you watch Dorian face he seems genuinely upset when he tells Mina his portrait was taken, and also when M tells Dorian that he's seen Dorian's portrait.

Lastly Dorian actually has a line that pretty much nulls the Must-Kill-Everyone instinct he gets all too often. He says (in reply to M asking if Dorian wants to help him cause a world war) something along the lines of "I'm off to London. I've had my share of violence, now I'm in the mood for vice."

I don't have much to say about Sweetie!Dorian, he tends to accompany Sues or bad slash, and is your typical flowers and puppies, I-Love-You's and cuddles kind of guy. He seems to suffer from the same thing as every single sexy bad guy, namely Draco or Snape.

Either way, supreme good or supreme evil, doesn't work. Dorian isn't Evil, but he's certainly not nice of all things.Dorian is just Dorian, not black or white, but his namesake, Gray.

Hope I didn't bore and confuse everyone beyond all reson. :)
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