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I even made a banner for this one.

S/K is one of my OTPs. I am a fangirl. I am not afraid to show it. But S/K is starting to get an especially bad rep. Why?

Because some fans blow them both totally out of proportion, even going so far as to erase Fuuma and Seishirou from their history.

W. T. F.

S/K is not S/K without the Fuuma and Seishirou factor!

It's just not cool to write an AU where Kamui is a random horny high school student and Subaru just happens to be a hot middle-aged perverted man. ...In fact, an AU like that with any two characters from any series isn't a very big turn-on.

If you're going to write a PWP, you can at least keep them in-character. It IS possible with those two. In fact, it's much more possible for them to have sex as a one-night stand, maybe even as a routinely thing, than it is for them to fall in love and live happily ever after. Subaru's not naive enough to think of sex as the ultimate expression of love. Kamui doesn't relate sex to love, period. The only love Kamui knew was the kind he had with Fuuma, Kotori, and his mother. That love was whole, complete, and true. When he was old enough to understand what sex was, he probably didn't think it was anything special. That doesn't mean he would shag the nearest thing with two legs, either. Kamui just isn't intimate like that. But with someone he knows fairly well, perhaps even has a crush on? Sure, why not? As for Subaru's side of things... Well, he wants Kamui to succeed, he wants to help him. If sleeping with him will do any good, why shouldn't he? He cares for him on some level, and it's pleasurable for both. Subaru and Kamui would make great casual lovers. Proof in fanfiction: My Love and I by Isachan and Oyasumi by Technomancy.

Taking it to the next step - actual romance - is a trick in itself. And that's a whole different story. A certain careful approach is needed, but no, most rabid fangirls bulldoze on in with no heed of either character's psyche. "Let's make Kamui a total girly uke!" and "Subaru can be a manly seme!" NO. Kamui is moody, temperamental, and sure, a bit traumatized, and gets that deer-in-headlights look around Fuuma nowadays, but he still has that spark. I think there are two instances in the manga where Kamui got a tad angry and actually struck at Fuuma. I've said it before, Kamui is a strong character. He can be on top without having to match the seme stereo-type. Because the seme stereo-type sucks ass. And Subaru isn't the seme stereo-type anyway. (HAH.) With S/K, I think Kamui's just as likely to be on top as Subaru. Maybe more.

That basically ends my rant.

The idea for this came from the MD <3
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