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BLAR. And other witty sounds of irritation.

Cross-posted to fanficrants.

I am a Shaman King fan; I have been so for a few years now and while it might be a strain on my high-school pockets buying the new tankoubon every other month-ish, I still do. This doesn't by any means make me a 'better' or 'truer' fan than the kids who have only seen the dub or read the Viz translation.

I have no respect for the endless anti-dub fics that have recently begun to pour out. I know they don't like the dub; that's all fine and good, they're certainly allowed their opinion. But when it gets to the point that the writers of these 'comedic protests' are becoming elitist arseholes, I have a problem. (This applies to all fandoms, actually.)

When did it become a crime to be a dubbie? When did it become a crime to be a newbie? The biggest complaint I've seen is that dubbies/newbies aren't respecting the source material, or that they are somehow inferior for only having seen the dub/read the translation. Well, then, geez, shoot me, I'm a dubbie 50% of the time, but I still manage to write well.

Some of us can't afford to buy Japanese imports or fansubs; some of us are (understandingly, I would hope) wary of joining up for file-sharing services; some of us have no other means of reading or viewing a manga/anime. Some of us take the time to research a series that we can not afford to buy in its original Japanese; we take the time and do the work.

I've seen more fans that are 'true' to the source material act like jerks than I have newbies in the Shaman King section at FFN, and quite frankly I'm unimpressed. Yes, there are irritating newbies/dubbies, but there are also irritating subbies/'original fans.

Fandom isn't about bashing newcomers; we're here because we all like the same thing.

Maybe I'm just irritated. As always, keep in mind that this is very much an opinion. :]
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