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Does not compute.

I'm in the Trigun fandom, and I like a lot of both of the het and yaoi pairings. Wolfwood/Vash (in no particular name order) is appealing simply because they're similar in a lot of ways and so more or less equals - the perfect fic involving them wouldn't have to use the tired old seme/uke system, IMO - and the girls are so cute I don't think they should be left out either. But for now, I'm going to be picking on a Wolfwood/Vash (in that name order) cliche that irks me to no end, simply because I see it crop up in so many W/V fics that are good and IC up until that point that it usually ends up ruining the mood.

There are actually two versions. Sometimes they bleed into one another, but they've got the same beginning. Generally, it goes as thus: Vash and Wolfwood are getting jiggy with it, and suddenly when Wolfwood strips away all of that cumbersome clothing, poor widdul Vashy-kunsamachan is too ashamed of his ugly scars to let Wolfwood see him! ;.; Wolfwood, that renknowned Studly Seme™, says he doesn't care, and dries Vash-uke's glistening, crystalline tears from his flawless porcelain skin, gazing into those shining emerald ocular orbs as he-

I'll stop there.

The variation is that as soon as Wolfwood lays eyes on Vash's scars, he is Shocked and Outraged Indeed that anyone could hurt such a beautiful willowy lithe creature nice guy in such a way. As Vash starts to sniffle and metamorphose into Uke Vash again, Wolfwood hooooolds him all the while, saying all of the usual lines common to the Studly Seme (for this is what he became the instant he was Shocked and Outraged Indeed), meaning the usual "I'll protect you and blah blah blah let's rape the people who did this with a rusty pitchfork blah blah blah" stuff, all while Uke-Vash sniffles and occasionally sobs from relief.

Then they have hot steamy sex, which wouldn't be a problem, but either they suddenly snap from the Seme/Uke versions to their regular selves (and that's as disconcerting as when they suddenly fell into those roles) or they stay that way and you feel like you're reading Gravitation fanfic instead of Trigun fanfic. (I actually like Gravitation, but I stay away from the fanfic because the show is sort of like goofy fanfic in places anyway.)

So, why does this bother me? Well, for one, I think it's out of character for both of them. For another, the variation doesn't even really work given the timeline. Since the girls are, more often than not, nowhere in sight, and it seems to be implied that the fic itself is taking place after the Fifth Moon incident, just why exactly is Wolfwood so shocked by the sudden sight of Vash's scars? He saw them in episode eighteen, which was before they were traveling together, I might add. He saw them multiple times in episode eighteen. He didn't seem shocked either time (to me, although maybe he was the very first time), and what's more, the second time (in the hospital), Vash knew Wolfwood was seeing them and didn't bother to cover them up. I can't speak for the manga timeline as resolutely as I can for the anime, but if I remember right the situation is at least similar. Most of the fanfic seems to be anime-verse anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter.

Anyhow, I know PWPs and what not (and it seems to mostly show up in PWPs) are usually just pr0n and not made with "making complete sense" being the ultimate goal, but I even like my fanfic pr0n to feel like it's in character at the very least. If I just wanted some John Seme x Jack Uke action, I'd go to the bookstore and buy generic romance novels, because I know what Jack Uke's habits between the sheets are, and they're not masculine. Sorry for taking up so much space. There hasn't been a post here in a really long while, I was just making up for lost time.
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