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Why is it always the lighthearted stuff that fans analyze to death and read WAY too much into and seem to try and make it out to be more serious and angsty and deep than it is? If it's lighthearted but still obviously has an angst factor I can understand-Sorcerer Hunters, and Sailormoon, for example. But I've seen Excel Saga fics where Excel was portrayed as an angsty heroine...ES is pure comedy, and analyzing it will more than likely hurt your brain. So why write angst fic for it?

And conversely, the serious stuff is always mocked and made into bad comedy fics. Fushigi Yuugi and 7th Heaven, for example. The FY section of is infamous for its fine selection of sugar-high beach party, game show, advice column, bus trip, and mall crawling fics. And I've seen a few really bad humorfics in the 7th Heaven section.

Any thoughts?
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