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They aren't nice!

"The loser's body will sink into the world of deep darkness... one could compare it to your soul and flesh burning in sulphuric acid. Your muscle will melt away... slowly... slowly, in eternal torment, both of you will drop down into the world of death. Heh heh... How... /stimulating/. So good, Jounouchi. I can already taste it..."

The aformentioned quote was said by Dark Malik to Jounouchi in the Yu-Gi-Oh manga during their duel and translated by Sukaigetsu (gorogoro). It will be the top of my rant today.

As the quote demonstrates, Dark Malik is a Not Nice Person. Thus, when you write fan fictions about him, do not write him as a Nice Person. Dark Malik does not like people. He doesn't particularly hate most - with the exception of Rishid, of course - but he rather enjoys killing them, often at random. He is not a naughty, but harmless prankster. He the literal personification of hate and evil incarnate.

So no, he isn't going to be interested in your mary-sue or Malik or any other character you choose to pair him up with. He is not going to go pal around with Dark Bakura.

He is evil. Deal.

And while we are on the subject, Thief King Bakura isn't nice, either. He cares about gold, power, and revenge. You mary-sue is not one of those three. (Note: While Thief Bakura is occasionally slashed, he is much more often paired with Mary-sue.)

And Kaiba? Kaiba is not a nice person. He doesn't like Jounouchi, Atemu, Yuugi, and anyone other than Mokuba. He won't be interested in your mary-sue, either!

And Malfoy and Snape from Harry Potter? They are the same. As are a lot of other characters from other fandoms.

I have nothing against people writing slash or het for any of the above characters. I do myself. But is it too much to ask that the authors try to keep them in character and try to remember that Kaiba does not randomly fall in love with any girl that walks past him? Please, let the Not Nice Characters alone.
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