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Today I'm going to rant about the uber-uke that frequents fan fiction. I will be using Yu-Gi-Oh for my allusions, but I think it applies to all fandoms.

Now, it was the Set and Atemu pairing that prompted me to make this post. Now, chapter 308 made many of a Atemu/Set and Set/Atemu fangirl cry, and some of the more recent chapters have made me rather partial. However, Atemu/Set and Set/Atemu are still the most popular pairing for the Ancient Egypt Saga, as the majority of Atemu/Set and Set/Atemu fans have not read the manga for the Ancient Egypt Saga and thus did not cry. And it was in yaoi stories about Set and Atemu not based on the actual canon that I first noticed the trend.

Depending on the author's preference, either Atemu or Set is made into a wuss when Atemu and Set are paired. And it switches, depending on the fan fiction. Which really boggles my mind, since it shows that it is the author's choice, and not the result of fanon. (Yes, there are authors out there who base their fan fictions on other fan fictions.)

I will not use the term 'chick with a dick', because as a female, I take a bit of offense to it. 'Cause females don't act the way that Atemu or Set acts in Atemu/Set stories and Set/Atemu stories.

Now, it should be noted that Atemu and Set can both be major assholes, and are in no way wusses. They are tough, they are cocky, they are arogant, and they are not wusses!

Why do author insist on making on male a total wuss when pairing up to males of whom both are very strong? Why? Why? Why? Why can't they just write yaoi where both of the males are equally strong when both are equally strong in canon?!

And the same things happens in other pairings. Kaiba/Jounouchi comes immediately to mind. Though it seems like authors are completely unable to pair to strong guys without OOCing one into a total wuss.

I'm not talking about characters who are canonically gentle, mind you. And keep in mind that this rant does not apply to every author, every pairing, or every fan fiction out there. I'm just talking about those that apply.

Oh, and I can link to some examples over at ygo_badfic if anyone wishes.
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