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BLAR. And other witty sounds of irritation.

Cross-posted to fanficrants.

I am a Shaman King fan; I have been so for a few years now and while it might be a strain on my high-school pockets buying the new tankoubon every other month-ish, I still do. This doesn't by any means make me a 'better' or 'truer' fan than the kids who have only seen the dub or read the Viz translation.

I have no respect for the endless anti-dub fics that have recently begun to pour out. I know they don't like the dub; that's all fine and good, they're certainly allowed their opinion. But when it gets to the point that the writers of these 'comedic protests' are becoming elitist arseholes, I have a problem. (This applies to all fandoms, actually.)

When did it become a crime to be a dubbie? When did it become a crime to be a newbie? The biggest complaint I've seen is that dubbies/newbies aren't respecting the source material, or that they are somehow inferior for only having seen the dub/read the translation. Well, then, geez, shoot me, I'm a dubbie 50% of the time, but I still manage to write well.

Some of us can't afford to buy Japanese imports or fansubs; some of us are (understandingly, I would hope) wary of joining up for file-sharing services; some of us have no other means of reading or viewing a manga/anime. Some of us take the time to research a series that we can not afford to buy in its original Japanese; we take the time and do the work.

I've seen more fans that are 'true' to the source material act like jerks than I have newbies in the Shaman King section at FFN, and quite frankly I'm unimpressed. Yes, there are irritating newbies/dubbies, but there are also irritating subbies/'original fans.

Fandom isn't about bashing newcomers; we're here because we all like the same thing.

Maybe I'm just irritated. As always, keep in mind that this is very much an opinion. :]
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For a lot of series, I admit to being a dubbie. For example, I love Evangelion. I think ADV did a fantastic job with the voices. There are some shows that are not so good with dubs, but, you know, hey, sometimes I find it easier to watch something in my own language than to try to simultaneously read the words and watch the action.

Alternatively, I have nothing against subs, and I have a LOT of fansubs, bootlegs, etc. But really. Not being a "purist" doesn't make you a shitty fan. It's just a question of accessibility and comprehension, kids! Not EVERYONE has the time, money, etc., to learn Japanese to buy the original versions.

I think it all comes down to ego, really. "I like anime MORE because I learned kanji JUST SO I CAN READ [INSERT OBSCURE 80S ANIME]."

People like that make me barf. GET OVER YOURSELVES. The sub vs. dub argument really reduces a lot of fans to squabbling idiots. Kind of sad to look at them and think, These are my comrades?

I reply to ALL your stuff, don't I? ^^;;;

Sometimes I feel like I'm wrong for stating facts from the Sorcerer Hunters anime that I learned on websites or from my friends. (I've only read the manga and seen 2 episodes of the anime) But this rant made me realize...WHO CARES? :P Not only is it the same series even if the anime ends up WAY different than the manga did, but sometimes you just can't get to the original source and have to do the next best thing: RESEARCH. In school, if you had to do an essay on, say, the Russian Government, you weren't asked to go all the way to Russia to see them in action. You read articles and books on the subject, with the most accurate information you could find. Fandom's the same thing. As long as your source of info is accurate, what's wrong with writing something if you haven't seen the series?

*sighs* I really hate annoying elitists.
As long as your source of info is accurate, what's wrong with writing something if you haven't seen the series?

Absolutely nothing; a great deal of the 'purist' fans could certainly learn something from researching a series as well. There are plenty of series I haven't seen the entirety of and, odds on, never will, but that hasn't stopped me from going on-line, cramming my brain full of information, and using that.

Also, I love your analogy to school research; I've never thought of that and I'm certainly glad you did! :D
The thing is, research can only go so far. You never know for sure if you've gotten everything in hand, and there's always the danger of mistaking fanon for canon.

Yes, doing research if you really, really, really want to write about a series you supposedly know nothing of can pass for actually watching the thing. Unfortunately, a great deal of writers don't bother with more than the token amount of Googling.

Deleted comment

Excel Saga is an awesome dub. Trust me. Not only do they translate it well, but they also add in some American otaku in-jokes ^___^.
I heart Sora's and Harold's dub voices. I can't recal Sora's original voice at the moment, though. I think I heard it because I watched the first five episodes of .hack//sign subbed (though we might have watched a few episodes dubbed, I don't recall), I missed the sixth episode, and I have seen all of the episodes since then.
We all glomp!

The Gundam shows tend to have rather good dubs; I wind up crying into my pillow every time I watch War in the Pocket regardless of sub/dub. Also, Ronin Warriors results in me cracking up and then falling off my chair in geeky anticipation in either version. Darn you Kento.

Usually, if a dub can evoke the same emotion in me that the original can (or vice versa), I judge it a success. ^^
Ah, yes, Shaman King.

*reads Viz manga translation and finds nothing wrong with it on the whole...and SPEAKS JAPANESE*

I've been in two fandoms where the sub/dub debates have been awful (Dragonball and Yû Yû Hakusho). You will get mob-attacked if you even consider using dub terminology in place of the Japanese attack-names/spellings. Hell, I watch dubs because I find them linguistically intriguing, but I can't tell a die-hard subbie/'original fan' THAT!

...So I have to warn all of the dub ppl in the DB and YYH fandoms that if they use dub names in a fic, they will get harassed to high heaven, even if their fics are incredibly well-written (I think this is pretty rare in both XD)...and give them the J equivalents as a sort of "bodyguarding" service.

It's sad I have to do that, really.
I haven't seen the Shamen King dub, in part because it didn't look like it was going to be a very good one. (Somehow the phrase, "By the people who brought you Yu-Gi-Oh" turned me off.)

But I agree with what you are saying. I do like some dubs, and I dislike bad dubs that make gratuitious changes. I really like the .hack//sign dub. The only thing that the dub of Excel Saga didn't have that the sub of Excel Saga did have was Excel's voice actor. I watched Spirited Away in both dub and sub. I liked them both.

There's nothing wrong with liking a dub, even if it isn't one of the better dubs. And any version of something is going to have some good stuff about it. And there's nothing wrong with disliking a version if you have issues with it.

But I don't like bashing fics.
I love you. I run into the SAME problem with Sailor Moon. NOBODY will read a fic that says "Serena" on it, and it makes me sad, because I personally like the dub (DiC) much better than the Japanese version.

The CWi dub, however, irks me to no end.
Good fic is good fic, whether it's for the dub or the original - something like which version's names are used shouldn't stop anyone.

(And, er, I wasn't very fond of the CWi dub either. Something about the voices and the cousins, I think. *g*)
Haha, I know, Serena sounded like an opera singer XD
That was the best part. You'd wait for glass to shatter and die a little inside when it didn't. XD