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A Zel-related thought.

Cross-posted to fandomcliche, fanficrants, and memlu.

When you get down to it, this is mostly just an opinion on my part, and I thank anyone who smacks the back of my head beforehand. :D Less of a rant and more of a thought.

I've recently regained interest in Slayers and have spent (an admittedly goodly chunk of) my time reading various Zelgadis/Amelia fics. Now, among those are, of course, the 'cure' fics wherein Zel somehow finds the cure for his curse, and I do like those. My problem is that when the fics do continue to the 'after the cure' part, it always seems as though Zel's only problem is in regards to magic. A few address the following (which, I repeat, is an opinion), but most don't.

Any Slayers fan knows that Zelgadis is a chimera: one-third human, one-third golem, and one-third brow demon (or brau, whichever you prefer). As such, his skin is stone (and pebbled with rocks), he has immensely heightened senses and physical capabilities (hearing, strength, endurance, eyesight, etc.), and unsurprisingly he's used to all of this. Doesn't mean he likes it by any means, but it's evident throughout the series that he has - consciously or unconsciously - grown accustomed to this superior strength and endurance.

This, to humorous ends, was shown in Try when he reacted to a cannonball being shot at his friends by sticking his head in front of it. Granted, even his impervious skin wasn't enough to keep him from passing out, but the fact remains that one, he reacted, and two, I think this is significant evidence that Zelgadis is pretty damn confident in his chimera strength/endurance/senses/so forth. That's normal behavior: to adapt and grow accustomed to change.

For example, if you walk into a room with a temperature ten degrees below the one you just left, you'd notice the cold. Stay in the colder room long enough and you won't notice anymore; you'll be comfortable with the cold and act accordingly (or whatever). Step back into the warmer room, though, and you have to readapt to the temperature you left because you've become accustomed to the cold.

If or when Zelgadis finds his cure, I don't really think he'll be as instantly comfortable with a suddenly fully human body, not like several fics display such a change as being. Like it or not, he's had a chimera body and the accompanying 'bonuses' for years now; taking into account the fact that, yes, Zel is a very bright person (though, like in Try, capable of notable moments of stupidity), he's still going to react to threats as though he were still a chimera, if only for a short while. He isn't adapted anymore for softer skin or slower reflexes, which means he would now be vulnerable in ways he wasn't before.

Things like touch - the restraint of touching someone when he's stone as opposed to flesh, much less the mere sensation - would need to be 'relearned' to a degree. Temperature changes, too: regardless of a rock's capability to absorb both heat and cold, skin would be infinitely more sensitive for gauging (and reacting to) temperatures. The cold room wouldn't be very fun for a while.

Now, I'm not saying this is fact, just something I've been considering for some time. Rebuttals and slaps to the head are welcomed. :]

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