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Saturday, October 8th, 2005
9:13 am
Mirror of Erised Abuse..
Is anyone else tired of The Mirror Of Erised being used as a romantic plot device.
For one thing, the mirror's been moved and I get the impression that the majority of students don't know where it is.

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Monday, November 29th, 2004
3:36 pm
Tiny rant
This is about a trend in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken fanfiction. It's actually not THAT horrible, but seeing it so often gets a little annoying.

Serra does NOT call Erk "Erky" ONCE in the entire game. I've read all of their conversations, support or otherwise, at least twice, and not once did a "y" get tacked on the end of Erk's name. Yet even in serious fics, there it is. "Erky".

Granted, it's not out of the question that Serra would do that-she is pretty silly and excessive a lot of the time, especially around Erk. But even so, it's pretty jarring to see it SO MUCH, as if it were a natural occurance.

This is just my 2 cents on the matter, though.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
9:20 pm
A minor quibble...
You know I'm really tired of seeing post-Voldything/Fudge fics in where Athor Weasley is the M.O.M.
Don't get me wrong, I love the guy as much as the next fan, but does he really have the skills to be the M.O.M.?
Plus do you think he would really want to leave fiddleing with Muggle objects to assume the responsibilities of M.O.M.?
Why not Madame Bones?
Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
11:58 pm
Do they show a different version of this show where you live?
Ugh. There are times when I'm ashamed to call myself an ER fan, and this is one of them. I can't stand it when people blatently disregard the canon of the show, especially when they try to rehash a plot that's already been done in the series. I was browsing through that section tonight in search of any goodfic that I don't have on my Author Alert when I ran into this thing:

Sleepless at County General by Coffeehouseintern reviews
Just what happens 6 years later when Paul Sobriki shows up... for a second round. AbbyCarterSamSusan Fic. Chapter 5 is up!
PG-13 - English - Suspense/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 4200 - Reviews: 14 - Updated: 10-16-04 - Published: 10-14-04

The following is cut for season 6 and 8 spoilers...just in case anyone here hasn't seen seasons 6 and 8 yetCollapse )

*sighs* I just... Was there a memo sent out where all of a sudden "mental illness" = "evil" or "hell bent on revenge", and it somehow missed me?

Crossposted to fandomcliche and fanficrants
Sunday, August 29th, 2004
12:26 am
Ookay, new to this community but I figured I'd test the waters with a rant that's been gnawing at the back of my mind for a good while now.

In which I rant on about Saiyuki clichesCollapse )

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Monday, July 26th, 2004
12:05 pm
Does not compute.
I'm in the Trigun fandom, and I like a lot of both of the het and yaoi pairings. Wolfwood/Vash (in no particular name order) is appealing simply because they're similar in a lot of ways and so more or less equals - the perfect fic involving them wouldn't have to use the tired old seme/uke system, IMO - and the girls are so cute I don't think they should be left out either. But for now, I'm going to be picking on a Wolfwood/Vash (in that name order) cliche that irks me to no end, simply because I see it crop up in so many W/V fics that are good and IC up until that point that it usually ends up ruining the mood.

Minor spoilers for episode 13+ behind this cut, although I doubt anyone reading will really care.Collapse )

Anyhow, I know PWPs and what not (and it seems to mostly show up in PWPs) are usually just pr0n and not made with "making complete sense" being the ultimate goal, but I even like my fanfic pr0n to feel like it's in character at the very least. If I just wanted some John Seme x Jack Uke action, I'd go to the bookstore and buy generic romance novels, because I know what Jack Uke's habits between the sheets are, and they're not masculine. Sorry for taking up so much space. There hasn't been a post here in a really long while, I was just making up for lost time.

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
12:56 pm
GAH! >
1. floating memories by Whangdoodle reviews
Chichiri kills himself.
PG-13 - English - Angst/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 538 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 5-16-04 - Published: 5-16-04</i>

I ranted about this on
fanficrants awhile ago, and seeing this made me remember WHY.

Chichiri DOES NOT KILL HIMSELF. EVER. He is NOT a suicidal character! Angsty? Hell yeah. Even if he doesn't show this side of himself, it's there. He's capable of being depressed as hell, just like anyone. But he would never, EVER kill himself. He's one of the strongest characters in the series, in my opinion. Keeping up such a happy appearance when you've got such horrible memories is hard work, and he does it so well.

Then come the fanfic authors who turn him into a weeping, bleeding, depressed, suicidal alcoholic or general ball of angst. Makes me wonder if they even paid attention. u.u; Yes, it's their choice to write what they wanna write, but...it just really gets on my nerves to see a character distorted in such a way. --;

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
1:57 pm
Ok, so a friend of mine lent me the FAKE oav, as I've been reading the manga...

Right there on tbe box, in yellow letters, I see this:

Contains depictions of alternative lifestyles. Viewer discretion is advised.

Oh yes, they're fine with the serial killer on the loose, but because there's boys snogging, they feel the urge to warn us all.

*rolls eyes*
Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
12:49 pm
Gah :P
WHY do all SH deathfics need to kill MARRON off? O_o;; I mean, with good reason and good writing it doesn't have to suck, but...why not someone else for once?! There's no reason they can't have the same drama and angst if, say, Gateau or Chocolat dies!

Plus, there's also the matter of Hakaishin-in volume 7 of the manga it's clearly demonstrated that if one of them dies, Hakaishin wakes up and the world's in danger. Marron, Gateau, Tira and Chocolat are the hosts for the Four Peer Gods, and Carrot never turning into Hakaishin depends on them staying alive.

But anyway...it's not that I'm "OMG SO AGAINST DETHFIC"-I don't enjoy reading fics where certain characters die, but I won't argue that they CAN be done well. But in SH fandom, it always seems to be MARRON. Here's a thought-why not Carrot? It'd tackle a lot of interesting issues: Hakaishin's death at the cost of Carrot's life, the hole it'd leave in the team...granted, the second issue would come up if ANY of them died, but with Carrot...somehow it's kinda different in a way. (Of course, his being the center of the whole Hakaishin/Peer Gods thing might have something to do with it.)

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Sunday, April 11th, 2004
12:17 pm
Why is it always the lighthearted stuff that fans analyze to death and read WAY too much into and seem to try and make it out to be more serious and angsty and deep than it is? If it's lighthearted but still obviously has an angst factor I can understand-Sorcerer Hunters, and Sailormoon, for example. But I've seen Excel Saga fics where Excel was portrayed as an angsty heroine...ES is pure comedy, and analyzing it will more than likely hurt your brain. So why write angst fic for it?

And conversely, the serious stuff is always mocked and made into bad comedy fics. Fushigi Yuugi and 7th Heaven, for example. The FY section of ff.net is infamous for its fine selection of sugar-high beach party, game show, advice column, bus trip, and mall crawling fics. And I've seen a few really bad humorfics in the 7th Heaven section.

Any thoughts?

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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
2:09 pm
They aren't nice!
"The loser's body will sink into the world of deep darkness... one could compare it to your soul and flesh burning in sulphuric acid. Your muscle will melt away... slowly... slowly, in eternal torment, both of you will drop down into the world of death. Heh heh... How... /stimulating/. So good, Jounouchi. I can already taste it..."

On an aspect of in characterness.Collapse )

I have nothing against people writing slash or het for any of the above characters. I do myself. But is it too much to ask that the authors try to keep them in character and try to remember that Kaiba does not randomly fall in love with any girl that walks past him? Please, let the Not Nice Characters alone.
Thursday, February 26th, 2004
4:46 pm
Double-Edged Sword
One of my favorite characters is Yukio Oikawa from Digimon. He's dark, brooding, angsty, has a tragic past, and an (arguably) canon crush on his best friend. Just going by that, you'd think fangirls would be all over him, right?

Only no, he looks like he was whacked repeatedly with the Ugly Stick. So people hate him, and look at me funny when I say that I like him.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have another of my favorite characters, Jirarudan the Collector from Pokémon. Now, Jiri is an obsessed loner, who happens to be *very* attractive.

So consequently, people think I only like him for his looks.

Um...so let me get this straight--I can only like a hot guy for his looks, but I can't like an ugly guy at all? I like them both for who and how they are, and what they look like is secondary to me.

(and I get the feeling I've posted this before...Ah well. Jiri picture from Shamouti Island, Oikawa picture from The Digimon Encyclopedia.)
Saturday, February 21st, 2004
8:31 pm
First post! *waves*
Introduction-y BabbleCollapse )

Why Dorian Isn't Evil Or Good, DammitCollapse )

Hope I didn't bore and confuse everyone beyond all reson. :)

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3:20 pm
Saturday, February 14th, 2004
4:57 pm
Cross-posted to antiyaoi.
Today I'm going to rant about the uber-uke that frequents fan fiction. I will be using Yu-Gi-Oh for my allusions, but I think it applies to all fandoms.

Now, it was the Set and Atemu pairing that prompted me to make this post. Now, chapter 308 made many of a Atemu/Set and Set/Atemu fangirl cry, and some of the more recent chapters have made me rather partial. However, Atemu/Set and Set/Atemu are still the most popular pairing for the Ancient Egypt Saga, as the majority of Atemu/Set and Set/Atemu fans have not read the manga for the Ancient Egypt Saga and thus did not cry. And it was in yaoi stories about Set and Atemu not based on the actual canon that I first noticed the trend.

Depending on the author's preference, either Atemu or Set is made into a wuss when Atemu and Set are paired. And it switches, depending on the fan fiction. Which really boggles my mind, since it shows that it is the author's choice, and not the result of fanon. (Yes, there are authors out there who base their fan fictions on other fan fictions.)

I will not use the term 'chick with a dick', because as a female, I take a bit of offense to it. 'Cause females don't act the way that Atemu or Set acts in Atemu/Set stories and Set/Atemu stories.

Now, it should be noted that Atemu and Set can both be major assholes, and are in no way wusses. They are tough, they are cocky, they are arogant, and they are not wusses!

Why do author insist on making on male a total wuss when pairing up to males of whom both are very strong? Why? Why? Why? Why can't they just write yaoi where both of the males are equally strong when both are equally strong in canon?!

And the same things happens in other pairings. Kaiba/Jounouchi comes immediately to mind. Though it seems like authors are completely unable to pair to strong guys without OOCing one into a total wuss.

I'm not talking about characters who are canonically gentle, mind you. And keep in mind that this rant does not apply to every author, every pairing, or every fan fiction out there. I'm just talking about those that apply.

Oh, and I can link to some examples over at ygo_badfic if anyone wishes.
Monday, February 9th, 2004
9:58 am
This one's been bothering me for a while (like, a good 1 or 2 years), so I finally decided to come over here and rant about it.

Where's Mark? Oh, he's dead.Collapse )

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Sunday, February 8th, 2004
7:53 pm
Hello, new girl on the block!
I did these two rants mostly for the hated_character community, but I think they could also fit in here, so since they're extremely long I'm giving you the links...

Hated Girls in the KoF Fandom

Hated Male Characters in Several Fighting Video Games

Hope you enjoy them! * skips off*
Thursday, February 5th, 2004
4:45 pm
BLAR. And other witty sounds of irritation.
Cross-posted to fanficrants.

Bratty elitism is not a sign of being a True Fan.Collapse )

Maybe I'm just irritated. As always, keep in mind that this is very much an opinion. :]

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
9:22 am
Hermione is NOT a Goth. Period.
I don’t think anybody posted about this yet. If they had, sorry. But it bears repeating anyway….

Why Hermione is not a goth, and why she is certainly not pure blood, dammit!Collapse )

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
5:10 pm
A Zel-related thought.
Cross-posted to fandomcliche, fanficrants, and memlu.

When you get down to it, this is mostly just an opinion on my part, and I thank anyone who smacks the back of my head beforehand. :D Less of a rant and more of a thought.

A thought on Slayers' ZelgadisCollapse )

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